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Expectant Mum? Check Out these 11 Maternity Packages For Hospitals in Lagos

Expectant Mum? Check Out these 11 Maternity Packages For Hospitals in Lagos The journey to motherhood is not an easy one but with the right resources, planning and support it turns out to be an awesome experience for both mother and child. At Babybliss, we are very particular about maternity care and how important it is to get it from the best hands in the industry at an affordable cost While you and your loved ones anticipate that precious birth moment check out our compilation of maternity

7 Valentine’s Day Treats Your Kids Will Love

Valentine is around the corner, how will you be spending it? While you bond up with your partner and friends, do make sure to get your kids involved. Create special moments this season with your little ones in the yummiest of ways. Below is a collection of mouthwatering and easy to prepare treats your kids will love: Even if your child is a picky eater, he would not resist the coconut candy. As the name suggests, this delicious treat is made from freshly grated coconut. It is a chewy, crunchy

Amazing Gift Ideas For New Parents

Looking for gift ideas for new parents? The search is over. We’ve compiled a list of items you can gift family or friends with newborns that they will actually use You do not want to go visiting empty handed, congratulate mama and papa with something they will love and cherish next time they see you Thankfully, you do not need to break the bank for these items, they are affordable and budget friendly. Look through our gift guide and find something worthwhile to gift this holiday season

Egwu Onwa (Moonlight Play)

–Will there be Egwu Onwa in the city? she thought, will the moon shine as bright as it does here? Will there be a time like this? ………. Nnenna runs up to the singing children, holding hands to form a circle. Their song has been interrupted by her sudden appearance. In this state, the lead singer; a girl of eleven years with uneven plaits sticking over her head nods towards her. Nnenna makes no move. Unknown to her, her hands have given her away, as they fidgeted uncontrollably by her side

10 High Paying Tech Jobs In 2022

You are at the right place. Almost everyone is trying to upskill in whatever field they find themselves. COVID taught us a lot! Whoever believed tech would turn out to be the next gold mine ? Yes I did. If you are trying to break into tech and unsure of what to try your hands on, this post is for you! Yes you! If you have a functional laptop, steady power supply , data and commitment, then you are half way there already. Commitment! yes because without it learning is short lived.

Six Ponzi Schemes That Scammed Nigerians

The word “Ponzi” originates from the Italian swindler and Con-artist Charles Ponzi who thrived in North America in the 1920s with his money making schemes. Wikipedia defines Ponzi scheme “as a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from recent investors.” The scheme however comes in different ways all with an objective of swindling unsuspecting victims. One might have come across peer-to-peer pyramids, membe

Maternity hospital Checklist

Choosing a hospital to have your baby is one of the most important decisions a mother makes in her pregnancy journey. The choice of where to have your precious baby should not be inundating, it should be convenient and stress free. There are so many key factors to consider such as the hospital’s willingness to follow your birth plan, preparations for emergencies amongst others. The BabyBliss Maternity service team has carefully put together a list of things to consider or ask the hospital you

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